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J-1 Exchange Visitor Arrival and Contact Information/SEVIS Check-In

IMPORTANT! Must Be Sent to IEE within 72 hours of Your Arrival!

This form allows you to provide the necessary information for IEE to maintain your status in SEVIS.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you confirm your current physical work or training site as well as your home addresses within 72 hours of your arrival.  It is also mandatory that you update any changes of your address while in the United States according to the J-1 regulations.   Failure to update any changes to your address with IEE is a violation of the regulations and could result in the termination of your J-1 program. 
Please email us a copy of your signed DS-2019 form along with your arrival form.
Please email this document to info@ieexchanges.com

Please provide us with the email address you will be using while in the United States.   This will be the email address that IEE will use to communicate important information to you during your program.   It is essential that you check this email on a regular basis and respond to any inquiries from IEE.

Note:  If at any time during your program, you change your housing location (even if it’s just next door), your phone number, or email address, you must notify IEE immediately so we can update your SEVIS file.   This is a matter of National Security and must be kept up to date with IEE.  
First and Middle Names:
U.S. Street Address: 
(P.O. Boxes not allowed)  
U.S. Phone Number:
Host Organization:
Host  Phone Number:
Arrival Date to the U.S.:
SEVIS ID Number:  
found on the upper right  side of your DS 2019 Form
U.S. E-mail Address
Apartment Number:
Is this a new address?
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By Submitting this form you are also acknowledging that you have received your arrival Orientation package.  Date:  
Please indicate your program:
Program Dates:
Start Date:
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